Why More Is Not Better

Does MORE exercise mean MORE results?

Or can you get stronger and fitter in as little as 10 min once a week?

This 5 min video breaks down the fundamental principles of why we exercise and how the work we do ultimately turns into either a positive or a negative in our bodies.

There’s little debate that our time on this planet is valuable. We can’t save it up. We can’t create more of it.

If time is so valuable, we certainly don’t want to waste it doing something inefficiently when a better, more efficient way exists.

When it comes to exercise, people often ask, “How can I get the best results with the least amount of time investment?”

Let’s examine our options below and see which method gives us our best return on our time-investment:

If you think aerobics or “cardio” is your answer, you’ll likely need to invest around five sessions per week at thirty minutes per session. => Total monthly time commitment  = 10 hours/month

If you think a mixed program with light weights, bands, kettle bells, and body weight work, you’ll need to invest three sessions per week lasting about an hour per session.  => Total monthly time commitment  = 12 hours/month

If you choose solid strength training program, typical programs require three weekly sessions lasting about thirty minutes per session. => Total monthly time commitment  = 6 hours/month

If you choose an advanced version of strength training called High-Intensity Training, that requires two weekly ARX Gilbert AZsessions at thirty minutes per session. => Total monthly time commitment  = 4 hours/month

While all of these MAY get you your desired results, one thing they will NOT do is give you maximum return on the time you invest in them.

Enter ARX strength training…

If you choose ARX resistance training, the recommended protocol requires a single session lasting no more than fifteen minutes once per week.  =>  Total monthly time commitment  = 1 hour/month

If you’re crunching numbers, this means that an ARX workout is 300% more efficient than even the most efficient of the other options, and 1,900% more efficient than the first option of aerobics or “cardio.”

If the plumber said he’d have the pipes fixed in fifteen minutes instead of an hour, you’d be excited, right?

If the mechanic said your car would be ready after two days instead of two weeks, you’d like that, right?

While ARX exercise is  no doubt safer and more effective than other training methods, one other advantage of ARX is the amount of time that can be saved compared to alternatives.

Simply put; ARX is the safest, most effective, and most efficient way to exercise.  Period.