ARX Technology


ARX equipment utilizes a motorized drive system that delivers perfectly-matched resistance 100% of the time. Unlike metal weights that fail to accommodate your changing levels of strength, the resistance provided by ARX machines can be neither excessive nor inadequate.




Our objective performance metrics can help you develop accurate goals and benchmarks for future performance. Countdown_percentage_growth.png-1024x459Precise data collection in the cloud-based software tracks a multitude of data points over time to allow in-depth statistical analysis and to show growth trends. Meanwhile, the interactive software provides clear visual motivators allowing for moment-by-moment comparisons to your performances last week, last month, or last year!

The clearly-visible feedback monitor displays the following data:

Max— The highest momentary force output you produced during the set
Output— The total amount of force output you accumulated during the set
Elapsed Time— The total duration of the set or workout
Intensity— Equal to your Output divided by Elapsed Time; your rate of work



With ARX, there are no weights to drop on yourself and you can stop at any time with zero risk.
The speed of the motor is slow and controlled, giving you safe and adaptable resistance throughout your full range of motion. With gravity out of the equation, you are now free to work as hard as you would like in complete safety.